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Sareni Raja Ampat

Welcome to Sareni Raja Ampat. A hidden tropical paradise at the east of Indonesia. Sareni in local language means pure and sacred, which reflects its serene surrounding. The pristine white sand beach meets the calm turquoise water. The coconut trees and bird's lullabies guarantee a laid-back retreat. Your perfect destination for a sabbatical journey to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, for a tranquil romantic escape with loved ones or an adventurous getaway with friends from the hectic daily life. Paradise pure and simple awaits.

Sareni Villa Rental


We offer all-inclusive long-term rental for our villas. Our remote area offers you a total solitude. A chance to disconnect from the hectic and all the noises of city life, while you can still be productive in your own terms. Perfect for you who want to get off the grid or get inspired. Contact us for inquiry.

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Lush Nature








Experiences With Sareni

Imagine discovering the amazing life of Raja Ampat underwater that lingers from the front of your room. A colorful and diverse house reef, a bountiful big clams, schools of fish, sharks, manta rays, dugongs, and not to mention the world's best dive sites are just around the corner. Blessed with other wonders, everyone can spot the bird of paradise and explore the waterfall. Sareni offers exclusive off-beat holidays in pristine nature. With our get cozy and all-inclusive concept, your stay on our tropical island is absolutely carefree, with dining, rejuvenating, playing and enabling you to explore every corners of the island. The freedom is yours, let us help you design your adventure.

5 star rating Amy Delicious food and beautiful resort We love the fresh coconuts and homemade sambal! Very friendly staff!

2020-01-13 11:08:25

5 star rating Anna One of the most beautiful peaceful place that I have ever been. The undisturbed forest and the crystal clear turquoise sea made my stay at Sareni Raja Ampat certainly unforgettable.

2019-12-20 00:03:43

5 star rating Usal We didn't have time to snorkel at the resort but overall we are very happy

2019-11-27 21:56:47

5 star rating Rizky Humble and friendly staff, quiet and beautiful place, even though this hotel just opened, the service was very good. hopefully more better in the future

2019-11-27 21:53:29

5 star rating Zhanna and Raffael Best that we like from Sareni : The Flexible high professional manager, Vina, who was very flexible and made our stay like Paradise. The very tasty food, pisang goreng (snack), nasi goreng, fish fillet… cool pears and the whole good organized territory, very big, romantic, very quiet. Unforgettable nature with fantastic bird orchestra, diverse underwater world. Beautiful thick forest/jungle, beautiful sunrise The generator can seem to be loud, but the bird orchestra is more louder ? Thank you very much, Vina for all your time and care about us and a prefect managing when we needed! You must be very proud for you! Good luck with Sareni!

2019-11-27 21:26:15