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Raja Ampat was declared as the most biodiverse place in the world in 2002. The marine park area is home to over a thousand different species of fish and more than five hundred different corals. Much of the diving in Raja Ampat is in reefs amongst the spread of tiny islands, so a dive cruise suits visiting this area perfectly. These reefs are glorious with an array of colours and unique fish of all shapes and sizes. The visibility can be slightly variable but normally around 25-30 meters is the norm.

There are plenty of sharks to be seen in Raja Ampat from white and black tipped reef sharks to whale sharks and even some rarer ones such as wobbegong shark. Wobbegong sharks are fascinating bottom dwelling sharks, flat with a long tail and what looks like a beard on their mouth they really are a photographer’s dream.

Mantas are also frequent visitors to Raja Ampat and they can be seen in sizeable groups passing over the reefs. Turtles can often be seen grazing on the coral reef and in some areas, pods of dolphins can also pop by to delight divers.

There are a wide variety of Raja Ampat dive trips to suit all budgets. From 5 day liveaboard tours, land-based dive trips, to luxury liveaboard vessels offering 2 week dive trips, there is something for everyone. We can help you to arrange the diving trip of a lifetime during your stay.