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Reasons to Stay

Our footprint and sustainability

We care about our planet and commit to reduce non organic waste to minimise the environmental impact. The choices we make in our daily lives can make a big difference.

Our location

Hidden at a tranquil cove with calm blue water, our cozy villas provide home comfort for your island escape. White sandy beach facing to the east where the sun rises. The sunlight will shine your window every morning to say hello.

Our people

We empower local people to work with us. Together, we want to create better lives for others.

Our transfer time

You can reach us within 2 hours only from Sorong.

Our nature surrounding for you to explore

From the secluded white sandy beach, jungle trekking to hidden waterfall, to a vantage point from a hill, all of these offer you outdoor activities and exploration to reconnect with the nature.

Our farm to table living

Being aware of where your food comes from can lead to a greater appreciation for your food. It takes a lot of hard work to make your meal possible. Our farm to table living focuses on producing food locally and then transferring that food to our kitchen.

Our free lodging for group guides

We provide free comfortable lodging for guides whose guests stay with us. The lodging area is clean and also near our staffs lodging.