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Whether it's island hopping getaway, or snorkeling with the turtles and various tropical fish, or diving in a world class dive sites, or trekking the towering landscapes of hills and rocky mountains for a magnificent view from the top, Raja Ampat is indeed the last paradise on earth and offers a lot of adventurous activities during your holiday. Our humble island is just a little piece of paradise which offers you opportunities for experiences of a lifetime. Book now with us for your unforgettable adventurous journey in Raja Ampat.

Experience with Us


We provide tour packages include with the accommodations.


Join a snorkeling tour for an incredible snorkeling adventure aboard a traditional speedboat. Your adventure begins when you board the speedboat for a scenic cruise to the crystal clear spot near Sareni location. Upon arrival to the snorkeling site, you will be briefed by our staff and then begin your incredible underwater adventure. You can snorkel over beautiful tropical reefs while enjoying the colorful fish, corals, and amazing green sea turtles of Raja Ampat. You can also do snorkeling around the cove in front of your room or around the pier. Just a jump away!

Island Hopping

Other than the four main islands in Raja Ampat or the four kings, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, there are also over 1500 smaller islands scattered around, so it's no surprise that the island hopping opportunities here are endless. There’s so much diversity around these parts. Each island is unique its on own way, offering incredible isolated beaches and towering jungle landscapes. As soon as you step on a boat, wind blowing on your face, water splashing about, and the warm rays of the sun gently basking on you.


Get back to nature, challenge yourself and enter landscapes well beyond our urban environments. Picture yourself enjoying a spontaneous moment as you smile back at a nomadic mountain lady, snack by a rushing stream, follow winding paths that weave through the mountains, and scale rugged and rocky terrain in search of the perfect sunrise. In a nutshell, trekking is all about embracing unique moments, incredible landscapes and new cultures in some of the most isolated parts of the world.

Our establishment offers you a trekking experience inside the

island. Discover the remote trails which will end up to the waterfall

or on top of that hill for a spectacular view from the top.


Raja Ampat region is home to over a thousand different species of fish and more than five hundred different corals. Much of the diving in Raja Ampat is in reefs amongst the spread of tiny islands, so a dive cruise suits visiting this area perfectly. These reefs are glorious with an array of colours and unique fish of all shapes and sizes. The visibility can be slightly variable but normally around 25-30 meters is the norm.

There are plenty of sharks to be seen in Raja Ampat from white and black tipped reef sharks to whale sharks and even some rarer ones such as wobbegong shark. Wobbegong sharks are fascinating bottom dwelling sharks, flat with a long tail and what looks like a beard on their mouth they really are a photographer’s dream.

Mantas are also frequent visitors to Raja Ampat and they can be seen in sizeable groups passing over the reefs. Turtles can often be seen grazing on the coral reef and in some areas, pods of dolphins can also pop by to delight divers.

Paddling and Kayaking

Explore the tranquil blue cove by kayak or paddleboard. Kayaking Offers a different perspective of the stunning scenery of Raja Ampat. Kayaking allows you to explore places that you cannot access by car or foot. Bring your own kayak or rent one.

You can also skim silently over the water and enjoy some exercise with stand up paddleboarding. Stand up paddleboarding is a peaceful and invigorating way to savour the scenic waters of Raja Ampat. It is a magical experience to paddleboard on the blue sea when the sun is shining and the surrounding views are reflected in the still water. Head out at dawn to watch the sun comes up over the sea and hear the blowing wind calling across the cove, or enjoy an afternoon of gentle rapids and brilliant views on our private cove.


Raja Ampat region is home to over a thousand different species of birds, that's why it'a also a perfect for birdwatching activities. Birdwatching is a great way to incorporate the joys and wonders of nature with some outdoor exercise that your whole family can enjoy. Early morning or late afternoon is typically the best time of day for birdwatching.

Pick up a bird identification guide from your local library or bookstore. By looking at the colors, size, shape and noises the bird makes – you can determine what type of bird it is. Ask your children if they know their state bird, then learn about it together. Why was it chosen to represent the state? What color is it? Does it migrate for the other season? Then find a picture of the bird and look for it on your next adventure. You may also consider bringing binoculars so you can get a closer look.
Then, acquiring a bird watching journal is a great idea. Soon you will discover that you are taking detailed notes of what you see. Also encourage your kids to note aspects of the birds’ behaviors. Are they singing? Perching? Walking? Swimming? Making nests? You can also note the date and time, together with any observations about the weather and the number of birds you saw. Any distinctive call or sound is always interesting, as is any comment about the habitat and gender of the bird. Lastly, if you are able to sketch what you have seen, it makes a lasting reminder. You could, of course, take a picture, but remember that most cameras or phones still make a noise.