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Our Story

United by our common interests for the wonder of exploring nature and its impact to our lives, the founders of Sareni Raja Ampat believe that we cannot live without nature. Fascinated by the beauty of Eastern Indonesia, we found a piece of paradise and a peaceful tranquility. From this amazing spot, we have a dream to create an establishment  that would preserve and share the breathtaking beauty of Raja Ampat with those who would truly appreciate it. We want to present a place where our guests can feel like home eventhough being so far from home. Of course, a dream is nothing without plans and actions to make it happen. Within a year of preparation and the amazing also challenging process of building our cute 10 villas, we finally pull through to open and welcome our guests to experience our little corner of paradise. As a locally owned establishment, we are committed to contribute and support the local economy. We hope our guests are happy to be involved  in that journey by staying with us.

Sareni, in local language means pure or sacred which reflects its serene surrounding. We hope our guests will feel such experience after staying with us.